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Recognising the increased importance of services delivered directly within the community, we have been developing the support we provide to enable more people with a range of vulnerabilities to maintain independence in their own homes.

Community Support Services (South Devon)

The expansion of our Community Support Services has been built on the good reputation the Society has earned in its residential care and supported housing services for clients with either mental health problems or learning difficulties.

Development of Services

Our community staff are experienced, comprehensively trained and subject to appropriate DBS checks and reference procedures on appointment.  The team currently deliver services on behalf of the Torbay Care Trust, Devon Partnership Trust, Devon and Torbay Supporting People.




Based on existing services we offer a range of support to individuals including monitoring and supporting emotional well being, assistance with accessing services, personal and financial organisation, encouraging personal and domestic hygiene, travel and recreational activities. Visits by our friendly staff offer the reassurance of a ‘helping hand’ – someone who is keen to listen and give whatever support is necessary and appropriate.  Our aim is to encourage and promote client’s independence and self-confidence, moving on to greater self-sufficiency wherever possible.




Support will be defined via assessment and will contribute and compliment any available Support/Care Plan a client may be working towards with their CPN/Care Manager/other agencies.

What we can offer

“I prefer to live by myself, but I need a bit of a hand sometimes when I’m not feeling so good”.

The Society’s other work and local contacts means our staff team have a broad range of experience, including working with:

•  Clients with mental health issues

•  Clients with learning difficulties

•  Vulnerable clients with associated physical and sensory

  issues (including ABI)

•  Vulnerable/isolated elderly  

•  Domestic violence cases

•  Clients with drug and alcohol dependency

•  The homeless

•  Vulnerable young people (18+)  

•  Offenders

Any services we provide will be based around individual need within a quality framework. Therefore charges for services will be made with regard to the actual service provided.  The team undertakes work that can range from one off interventions to long-term support for some clients.


The team also have a mini-bus available to provide more social/recreational activities for groups of clients, as and when required.


Tel. and Fax: (01803) 607960


“Sometimes juggling the shopping, bills, rent and benefit claims can be tricky!

I just need a bit of help now and again to keep on top of it”.

“A helping hand and support, when YOU need it!”

Referred to the team from the Mental Health Team based in Torbay.  History of violence to others, due to issues relating to childhood abuse and alcohol problems leading to extreme anxiety and stress.  When the team worked with him initially we assisted in finding alternative accommodation due to his existing accommodation being unsatisfactory.  He was supported in taking active interest in improving and personalising his new accommodation, making him more emotionally secure in the environment, which he had himself created.


The team supported him through a lengthy court case in relation to previous abuse, which enabled him to begin to move on from the past and look more positively to the future.  During the time that we have been supporting him he has worked on a voluntary basis helping other clients improve and personalise their accommodation, which has in turn helped his confidence.


To date he is now employed and is getting married in the autumn.

Case Studies

The following are brief examples of some of the work undertaken by the team:

Living in residential home after her father and sole carer had died.  After living in our supported house for a year with daily support with all issues relating to a more structured and independent lifestyle she was able to move on to a more independent flat in a less supported environment.

Client One

After the breakdown of his marriage he began abusing alcohol, which lead to serious financial problems.  During this time he attempted suicide.  After a period of intensive care and admittance to a mental health unit for assessment, he was discharged but homeless.  After his application for emergency accommodation to the local council there was a referral sent to the team to assess support needs and risk.


Because of his mental health and ongoing physical issues a property was found within a warden-controlled site that was deemed as appropriate.  The team assisted with transporting him and his personal possessions to the new location and also ensured benefits claimed and bills were changed over to his name.  The team helped with applying for grant that helped with the purchasing of items of furniture and any other household items that were necessary to make his new home comfortable.


Within the six-week follow up period we prompted him to attend appointments with his GP etc. and if necessary took him if we found that he needed support. At present he has settled in extremely well, now has re-established family contact and currently has a positive outlook on life in the future.


Client Three

Client Two