The Parkview Society, a voluntary

organisation, is a provider of high

quality residential care and supported

living in the community

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  • To maintain a long-term overview of the Society and all its work.

  • To make strategic and major decisions about the Society’s objectives, policies and procedures.

  • To ensure the needs and interests of relevant people and bodies are taken into account when making decisions.

  • To ensure adequate resources (especially people and money) are available to carry out the Society’s activities.

  • To monitor progress towards objectives.

  • To take legal responsibility for the organisation and all its actions and comply with statutory requirements and the Society’s rules.

  • Serving as a well-informed interested, supportive Committee, which meets on at least a quarterly basis.

  • Maintaining democratic procedures and accountability.

  • Undertaking visits to schemes under the provisions of the Care Standards Act 2000.

  • Ensuring the members have the information needed to make decisions.

  • Calling the AGM and ensuring elections and other essential items are dealt with as required.

  • Ensuring adequate communication between the committee, subgroups, managers, staff, volunteers, and the organisation’s users, members, clients, residents or other people served by the organisation.

Guide to Membership

Management Committee Terms of Reference:

Current Management Structure

Chairman - Cliff Jones

Chief Offcier - Graham Pollock


Mental Health Sector - Sarah Carcillo

South Devon Community Services - Lisa Robins

What is the Management Committee?

The Management Committee is made up of members of the Society and has legal and financial responsibilities for the organisation. It may elect or appoint members to positions (e.g. Chair) and Sub-Committees (e.g. Finance and Operations Sub Committee) and appoints the Chief Officer.

What are the rules of membership and operational procedures?

What are the rules of membership and operational procedures?

Delegation of Responsibilities

The Society employs a team of managers and staff to whom the majority of day-to-day responsibility for work is delegated. This is managed under the direction of the Chair, Management Committee and the Society’s policies.


Ultimate Legal Responsibilities


The legal responsibilities of the Management Committee include:

  • Constitutional rules and standing orders

  • Procedures and accountability

  • Legal obligations and undertakings

  • Financial responsibility and accountability

  • Employment

  • Equal opportunities

  • Premises and health & safety

  • Insurances

Statutory and common law obligations exist in law and must be met (e.g. Data Protection Act, contracts of employment etc).

Financial Responsibility and Accountability

The Management Committee is responsible for all aspects of the finances, (e.g. bills paid and proper records kept).


It has ultimate responsibility for:

  • Wages, tax, NI, statutory sick pay and maternity pay, pensions, redundancy pay, and any other pay or benefits due to workers under legislation or the terms of their contracts.

  • Mortgages, rents, rates, insurances and all other bills.

  • Ensuring the organisation will have enough money to meet any financial obligations when they come due. Ensuring all grants or other funds received for specific purposes are used as specified.

  • Ensuring the organisation is paid enough for any services it is providing under a service agreement or contract.

  • Ensuring the organisation’s funds are wisely invested.

  • Ensuring the organisation keeps accurate and comprehensive financial records, accessible to Management Committee members and authorised members of staff.

  • Receiving regular financial reports in a form, which members can understand.

  • Ensuring annual accounts are drawn up and audited in accordance with rules and, where relevant, funders’ requirements and/or legislation.

  • The Management Committee delegate’s specific financial responsibilities to the Finance and Operations Sub-Committee and these are detailed in the Society’s Financial Regulations.

Management of Risk and other Responsibilities

The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring all insurances are taken out and paid for.


Insurance cover extends to:  

  • Employer’s liability - for paid staff. The certificate of insurance is displayed at the Society’s offices

  • Public liability and professional indemnity insurance

  • Buildings insurance, road traffic insurances.

  • Fidelity - insurance against dishonesty, covering employees and management committee members.

The Management Committee has overall responsibility for use, safety and security of premises used by the organisation and must ensure they are properly and legally managed and used.


It is the Management Committee’s responsibility to ensure the organisation complies with equal opportunities legislation in both employment and service delivery.



  • In liaison with members and Chief Officer set agenda for Committee meetings.  

  • Oversee conduct of business at Committee meetings.

  • Represent the organisation periodically at such events as AGM or occasionally high profile meetings.

  • Support, appraise, and monitor performance of and with the Chief Officer.

  • If required, such matters, which allow of/require ex-officio involvement of Chair e.g. Grievances/Disciplinaries/Appeals etc.

Vice Chair

  • Deputize for Chair, as necessary, in fulfilling functions listed above.

  • Secretary

  • Role undertaken by Chief Officer in ensuring that the Society meets its obligations.  This is to include meeting FSA requirements.

  • In conjunction with the Chair, to ensure that Committee meetings are quorate.

  • To be responsible for filing annual returns with FSA etc.

  • To notify FSA of changes in membership.

  • Formulating strategic aims

  • Consider the organisation as a whole and its beneficiaries, whether as a member of the Management Committee of any of the sub-committees, groups etc.

  • Reflect the organisation’s mission, aims, values, strategy and major policies at all times.

  • Contribute specific experience, skills, interests, contacts and support the organisation in its activities.

  • Ensuring policies and practices are in keeping with aims, values and roles

  • Follow the Code of Conduct at all times, particularly when exercising the functions of membership, of the Committee, Sub-Committees, groups.

  • Attending meetings of the Committee of Management

  • Reflect the Society’s policies and concerns on all its Committees, Sub Committees and groups

  • Ensuring best practice

  • Be an active member of the Society in exercising its responsibilities and functions.

  • Maintain good relations with senior managerial staff.

  • Take part in training sessions provided for the benefit of the members.

  • Fulfil such other duties and assignments as may be required from time to time by the Committee of Management.

Main Duties

Guide to Members, Function and Duties

Purpose: To further the organisation.

Main Tasks: Promoting the Society’s aims, values and rules.

  • To take part in formulating and regularly reviewing the strategic aims of the organisation.

  • With other members to ensure that the policy and practices of the organisation are in keeping with it aims, values and rules.

  • With other members to ensure that the organisation functions within legal and financial requirements and strives to achieve best practice.

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