The Parkview Society, a voluntary

organisation, is a provider of high

quality residential care and supported

living in the community

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T: 01626 332630          E:                  A: 35a Highweek Village, Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 1QG

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We are recruiting in Torbay and South Devon for Community

Workers and in Exeter and Newton Abbot for Residential Home staff,

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We currently have vacant rooms at our learning disability home in

Newton Abbot, Contact us now..

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The Parkview Society, through a caring, motivated and appropriately trained staff team, tailors its services to suit the needs of individuals with mental health issues, learning difficulties, housing problems and other vulnerabilities.


The Parkview Society respects individual rights to privacy, autonomy and independence, seeking to develop and maximise potential in a safe, secure and homely environment.


Providing high quality, 24 hour residential care and supported living to people with varying special needs, for them to live as independent a life as possible with, where appropriate, gradual rehabilitation into the community by encouraging independence and a sense of personal responsibility within a communal setting.

Mission Statement


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The Society has been very fortunate to receive occasional donations and gifts over the years. These have all been put toward enhancing the services we provide, above and beyond what may be normal expectations.

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As a Society we are always pleased to look at new development opportunities in the areas supported housing and care. Working alongside our partner organisations or independently, we would be happy to consider service developments that reflect needs in the community.


If you work, or have an interest in the care/voluntary sector, and would like us to consider an identified service need or proposal please contact our managers in the relevant geographical areas or our main office.

Development Opportunities

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Allow clients their rights to privacy, autonomy, independence, dignity and fulfillment to function at a level, which gives them a satisfactory quality of life


Maintain effective communication networks with special needs support services, so that consistent care approaches are used at all times


Respect the clients needs at all times and to be available for them whenever possible


This support will be provided by caring, motivated and appropriately trained staff with named support workers using care plans to work towards agreed goals.